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     Pre sales service

    The pre-sale telephone:025-86883315

    Service hotline: 025-85308805

    Is full of all-weather repair service line, no matter what problems you can find him! He is your butler. Please 16:00 before the telephone booking, in order to arrange.
    - free pre-sale customer proofing, to help customers complete the process problems, from technology to help customers achieve production profit expectations.
    Customer service - provides hands-on training for customers.
    In the purchase of the former must vigorously engraving machine proofing, confirm the equipment and services vigorously is whether you want.
    - in view of the different customer groups, we have the support of different technology! Rich professional knowledge and skills to provide you with more comprehensive services.
    After-sale service
    - full carving machine for one year free warranty. Repair door repair work, the response time is less than 72 hours.
    - free of charge during the warranty period are full of engraving machine repair, the warranty repair service for medical equipment charges clearly marked.
    - supply to customers of conventional carving supplies to customers and grinding tool.
    In order to reduce the repair cost of customers, for we can provide with old change new replacement services.
    - the company has a large storage of spare parts warehouse, accessories to a small screws to the spindle, motor and so on all models complete, but the maximum for customers to provide customer service guarantee.

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