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    DL - 1325 single head machine
    Release time: 2014-12-29    Views:

    Performance characteristics:
    High speed machining: qu, linear speed is consistent, empty line speed can reach more than 30 meters per minute, high-speed cutting speed can be up to 10 meters per minute.
    Bearing redundancy, long service life: collect three axis adopt imported high precision square linear guide, and three axis are rack drive (without belt connection). Y axis adopt double motor drive, machine rigidity is strong, great strength, smooth rotation, make speed, not deformation, not for a long time jitter. Adopts the unique design of eccentric shaft clearance is adjustable, the size of the gear deceleration, ensure high speed and high precision operation, special flange type slider makes the machine more durable.
    Software compatibility: compatible carved software/Type3 / Artcam/wen tai and other CAD/CAM design software.
    DSP control convenient, optional USB interface type operating system, completely offline work, do not take up any computer resources, and DSP can realize automatic stop, realize the high speed machining, linear synchronous, curve more perfect.
    Performance easy: automatic knife device, convenient midway in carving knife operation, power has continued carving, power, processing time can be predicted. Building block can tear open outfit structure, without being limited by the installation site.
    Technical parameters:



    Working Zone:(X Y Z)


    Table Size (W x L)



    <0.003mm< p="">

    Cutting Accuracy


    Repositioning Accuracy



    6KW Air cooling

    Max. Working Speed


    Collets Type

    3.175mm/ 4mm/ 6mm/ 8mm/ 12.7mm

    Command Code


    Operational System Software

    Type 3/Artcam/Castmate/Wentai



    Max. Power Consumption




    Net Weight


    Note: the above parameters are subject to changes without prior notice

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