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    DL - 1325 - pneumatic bull engraving machine
    Release time: 2014-12-25    Views:

    The performance characteristics of

    1. Compared with the technology of automatic tool change, no need high power spindle, automatic tool changer is 8 kw, commonly more economic.

    2. Compared with the technology of automatic tool change, intelligent bull USES spindle pre launch technology, process directly without waiting for tool changer, almost can't see the spindle switch wait, greatly save the time of the knife.

    3. Smart longs for using multiple spindle system, can be regarded as "lockout" system, even a single spindle fault, there are other spindle can operate.

    4. According to the general process, a workpiece with three knife can solve the problem, so the characteristics of the intelligent three more significant.

    Have crossed and frequency alarm system, servo alarm, air pressure alarm, etc.

    6. Support USB data transfer, network transmission, the built-in 1 gb of memory.

    Apply to industry

    Woodworking industry, advertising industry, mould industry and handicraft industry and so on.


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