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    Nc drilling center
    Release time: 2014-12-24    Views:

    Performance characteristics:
    1, the bed the whole cast iron or steel structure, strong rigidity, strong and durable is not easy to deformation.
    2, three axis using imported high precision ball screw, guide rail, to ensure the machine precision.
    3, use high subdivision stepper motor, speed, low noise, smooth operation, cutting torque.
    4, adopts frequency conversion brushless cooling power spindle motor, low noise, long life, with speed.
    5, can be in metal (stainless steel) and nonmetal drilling.
    6, can install multiple spindle holes at the same time, improve work efficiency.
    7, high efficient circulation cooling system.
    8, adjustable spindle revolutions of 1000-1000, suitable for different materials, can be used 2 mm to 6 mm drill various metals, including stainless steel.
    Technical parameters (Specification)
    Type of Model                                       DL - 1325.
    X, Y, Z axis work schedule
    The Working Zone: (X, Y, Z)                           1300 * 2500 * 2500
    Work platform
    The Table Size (W x L)                                1350 x 2700 mm
    The resolution of the
    Resolution                                           < 0.003 mm
    Positioning accuracy
    Cutting Accuracy                                     + 0.02/300 mm
    Repeat positioning accuracy
    Repositioning Accuracy                                + / - 0.01 mm
    The spindle
    2200-6000 w brushless (optional) water, frequency control of motor speed, 24000 revolutions per minute
    2200-6000 w Brushless liquid - cooled ssindle wich 24000 RPM, VFDS
    The highest speed
    Max. Working Spee

    Step motor 5 m/min, servo motor 7 m/min
    Cutter diameter
    Collets Typ

    2 mm to 6 mm
    The depth of processing
    Processing the depth

    1 mm - 16 mm (including stainless steel)
    Typesetting software
    The Operational System Software

    3 Type.
    Data access
    The power consumption of the largest
    Max. Power Consumption
    ≧ 3.2 KW
    The power supply
    AC220w plus or minus 10% / 50 ~ 60 hz
    The net weight
    Net Weight
    480 kg + / 510 kg + 10% / 10% to 550 kg + 10% / 580 kg plus or minus 10%
    Note: the above parameters are subject to changes without prior notice


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