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    DL - ATC1325D all-in-one type nc machining center
    Release time: 2014-12-29    Views:

    Performance characteristics:
    1, the complexity of the machine is suitable for diversified products, machining or multiple models, wide range of USES: can be carved, drilling, cutting, and other, milling, leading edge is mainly used for cutting and after.
    2, the models of various mechanical and electrical components are all top products in the international. Vacuum system and transmission system such as Germany, Japan, the servo drive system.
    3, hat type automatic tool change system, dao database is up to eight - 24, tool change time only 8 seconds.
    4, the whole screw transmission machines, belong to heavy type cutting and high precision processing model.
    5, mesa vacuum adsorption, the whole plate processing without sawing again, can online cutting, can omit the mold production, processing speed can be up to 30 m/min.



    Working Zone:(X Y Z)


    Cutting accuracy



    HSD9KW Italian Columbus spindle

    Working table

    Vacuum table

    Command Code

    G code

    Tools shank specification


    Tools storage capacity


    Tools storage form

    Umbrella TYPE ATC

    Driving system

    Japan servo motor

    Control system

    Taiwan Syntec










    Note: the above parameters are subject to changes without prior notice
    Attention ifurther notice of any changes in technical parameters strategized gven

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